Call : (02) 4955 9575 (Wallsend), (02) 4955 9364 (Shortland)

Evangelisation committee was formed to discern the parish vision . Its new purpose is assist in the evangelisation of the parish and community. It meets every Thursday at 4 pm in Wallsend presbytery

Special religious education group Special religious education or scripture is part of the public education system . SRE teachers are volunteers who teach scripture in various public schools

Giggles group Meets in Penola room every month

Scripture study group. The aim of the group is to know Jesus better to understand at greater depth the fullness of his life and message and so be drawn into a more intimate relationship with Jesus in prayer and action . It meets on every second Wednesday 7-8.15 pm and every second Friday 1.30-2.45 pm  at 3/41 Macquarie St Wallsend

St Patrick’s craft group meets every second Friday between 10-12 am in Wallsend Convent

St Patrick’s liturgy group meets every 2nd Wednesday of the month to review and plan liturgies for the season and feasts and to consider studies of various aspects of the liturgy

OLV liturgy group meets on First Thurday each month Organise and support readers church decoration and other daily functions of liturgical celebration

Men’s group  Meets Every alternative Mondays