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Wallsend Convent Members

In our parish we have a convent of  Congregation of Immaculate heart of Mary. There are three sisters in the community serving the parish. 

Sr Marie Hoang Giang, Sr Maria CAO, Sr Anna NGUYEN,Sr Lucy LE



The Congregation of Immaculate Heart of Mary is a diocesan congrgation which was founded on 15-09-1958 by a French Missionary Bishop, Msgr. Marcel Piquet to serve pastoral, social and hospital work of the diocese.

Our founder passed away on July 11, 1966 when the IHM Congregation had just been 8 years old. After that the Congregation was continually led by Bishop Francis Xavier Nguyen Van Thuan (Cardinal F.X Nguyen Van Thuan), Bishop Paul Nguyen Van Hoa and the Congregation is now under the guidance of Bishop Joseph Vo Duc Minh.

Before 1975 we ran elementary, primary even secondary schools. Unluckily after 1975 (when the communist took over the whole nation), religious sisters were not allowed to run private schools and were not allowed to teach in public schools, we had to earn our living by working in the fields, doing manual work, handcrafts, sewing, tutoring etc.

Since 1986, the sisters have been allowed to run kindergarten schools (only) and collaborate with Government in charity and social work. Therefore, with a sense of responsibility, the sisters started entering into this environment of education, as far as possible, social work, health and nutrition. This public service in nation building became the medium by which to give evangelical witness. In that way, though their goal was Evangelization, the sisters have tried to carry out their vocation and mission by serving and answering the urgent needs of the Church and society in a Communist governed country.

Mission: The IHM sisters live witness and proclaim the Good News in serving God, the Church and the secular society in accordance with the Founder’s intention:

  • Educating young people
  • Doing socio-charitable work
  • Implementing the pastoral activities assigned by the diocesan bishop; especially catechizing children and the converts.

Presently, the Congregation has 400 sisters living in 58 Communities: 300 perpetual professed and 100 scholastic sisters (temporary vow).

The IHM sisters carry out the pastoral activities in the parish such as: catechizing children and catechumens, and adults who are preparing for marriage, conducting the parish choirs, Preparing  for liturgical celebrations, teaching scripture in schools, assisting office works of the parish,visiting and bringing Eucharist to the housebound and the sick.