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PARISH PRIEST                            Fr. Anthony Brady

ASSISTANT PRIEST                     Fr. Thomas Chirackal

PASTORAL  ASSOCIATE            Elizabeth Hicks


1.1 THE ROLE OF THE PARISH PASTORAL COUNCIL. The Parish Pastoral Council’s primary focus is to promote the Kingdom of God by listening to the People of God, helping them to discover/discern what they need to live the gospel and to enable them, through the Spirit, to fulfil those needs. The Parish Pastoral Council’s role is two-fold: i. to facilitate pastoral planning at parish level (Diocesan Pastoral Plan 4.5). ii. to collaborate with and involve their own parish in regional and diocesan pastoral planning . In practice it carries out its role in parish pastoral planning by 1. promoting within the parish the spirit and the principles of the Diocesan Pastoral Plan. 2. facilitating an ongoing, year to year process whereby the parish community (pastor and people), through prayer, consultation and discernment, look ahead to the coming years and decide what they want to be and what steps they will need to take to achieve their goals. 3. preparing a draft Parish Pastoral Plan, after gathering factual data, identifying options, developing proposals, consulting widely and discerning the needs and concerns of the parish. This draft Plan shall be put to a Parish Pastoral Assembly. 4. guarding the integrity of the Parish Pastoral Plan. Substantial change cannot be made to the Parish Pastoral Plan without those changes being approved by the Parish Assembly. 5. being responsible for the evaluation of the Parish Pastoral Plan and its implementation. 6. leading the Parish Pastoral Assembly. 7. continuing the pastoral planning process in the event of the Pastor’s extended absence or the parish becoming vacant. The Council carries out its role as a link in regional and diocesan wide communication, consultation and pastoral planning by: 1. acting as a channel of communication between all elements in the parish and between the parish and the rest of the diocesan community, 2. selecting representatives for the Regional Pastoral Council, 3. collaborating in the development of Diocesan and Regional Pastoral plans (Moving forward together)

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 Kylie Armstrong  

 John Crosbie

Margaret Hobbins      

 Mick Morrin

 Bill Nixon    

 Meg Smith

 Richard Thomson   

(Parish Council & Parish Team)

 Ex-officio members

Fr. Anthony Brady PP

Fr. Thomas Chirackal MST

Elizabeth Hicks 

Danny Ariel    (Principal St Patrick’s School)

Gerry Vandermaat  (Principal OLV School)

Observers to gain experience of  process in local parish

Sr Maria, Sr Anna

Finance council

In each parish there is to be a finance council which is governed, in addition to universal law, by norms issued by the diocesan bishop and in which the christian faithful, selected according to these norms are to assist the pastor in the administration the goods of the parish without prejudice to the prescript of Can.532(Canon 537)

The existence of the finance council does not detract from the parish priests standing as the one who acts inthe name of the parish. However such council provides the parish priest with valuable insight and advice so that he may act more effectively in the interests of the parish (Canon 532)



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Fr Thomas Chirackal

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